Architectural Control Form

Please note that you must submit two copies of your Architectural Control Request.  One copy is for Twin Lakes records, and one will be returned to you following review by Twin Lakes Architectural Control Committee.  As stated on the form, a plot plan (or blueprints) is required.  Failure to provide plot plan that includes information specified on the form will delay your request.  The plot plan doesn't need to be a professional rendering, nor are you required to draw exactly to scale.  Dimensions indicating position of structure in relation to property lines and to existing structure(s) are required, as specified on form.  

If you have questions regarding any documents and/or information to be submitted with this form, you may contact any member of the Architectural Control Committee.  Board Members currently serving on the Architectural Control Committee can be found by clicking on the Board of Directors link on the left of this page.

Also note that the form states it must be mailed to Twin Lakes Post Office box.  If you choose not to mail the form, it can be delivered to Lashonda Fitch at 2612 Erie.  Lashonda logs in the forms after retrieval from the Post Office box, and delivers them to the Architectural Control Committee.  Requests that are not mailed or delivered directly to Lashonda are not considered submitted until they have been logged in Twin Lakes records.  For this reason, please do not give your forms to any other Board Member as this may cause delays in the approval process.  

From the time your Request is received by Lashonda, and logged into Twin Lakes records, the Architectural Control Committee has thirty (30) days to consider your request.  Please submit your Architectural Control Request early, so that our approval process will not delay the start of your project.  This is especially important during the Spring and Summer months, as Committee Members are less available due to vacations, family outings, and other commitments.

To retrieve a printable copy of Twin Lakes Architectural Control Request form, you may click here, or on any previous link within this page.

Some, but by no means all, of the guidelines used by Twin Lakes Architectural Control Committee can be found here.